Our LIFE, becomes what we have imagined it to be.

Beauty, Joy, Wellbeing, Abundance, and Meaning Matters

"Just imagine waking up each morning so inspired to get on with your work, AND by the end of your day you are JUST as inspired to be home. Why?... Because you are IN LOVE with EVERYTHING about your life!!" ~Madeleine Marentette

LIVE AND LEARN IN REAL TIME A SPECIFIC SEQUENCE OF 12 INNATE POWERS AND ATTRIBUTES, that when consciously embodied and followed step-by-step, will accelerate your dreams and visions into reality, while bringing balance, organization and ease to your daily life.

This REVELATORY, INTUITIVE, and PRACTICAL process was developed by Law of Attraction expert, author and visionary, Madeleine Marentette, creator and CEO of Canada's renowned Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing.

As a successful entrepreneur, educator, and student of metaphysics for most of her life, she began to piece a puzzle together that revealed what is mostly hidden from individuals about the power of their own vision, heart and mind. She lives within this process to this day, while sharing this life-changing revelation with thousands of individuals for well over a decade at her retreat centre.

"There are no words to express my absolute gratitude for my week spent at your retreat. I am just glowing from my soul being recharged from the inside and it radiates out. This morning my team meeting revolved around 'electric-magnetic energy', and that 'thoughts become things'. AMAZING. Thank you for infusing your vision into one of the most special places in the world." ~ L. Wooldridge

And NOW she has made this life-altering process available through this online course in order to share it with YOU.

Live through and ACTUALIZE your visions using a succession of specific states and thought processes. Madeleine will personally guide you step-by-step, as she shares her system, insights and discoveries that have changed every aspect of her life. She'll show you how to vision, and manifest, while keeping a balanced-life, filled with creativity, community, health, prosperity, travel, and WHILE being of service doing what you love and are here to do.  


- Lessons on Thinking Structures and Visioning Steps
- Guidance charts, visuals and goal setting tools

- 7 Webinars including Q&A and a Special call on December 21st, The Sacred: Soul Space
- Action steps, self-discovery and actualization exercises
- Lessons on three essential meditation types for visionaries

- Universal Laws that govern creation and manifestation
- Insights and tips for balancing work, health and personal life
- Spiritual practices to enhance your purpose and passion

- Private Facebook page for sharing and supportive coaches
- All that you require to take action and create results

BONUS GIFT: Register before September 21st and receive Madeleine's gorgeous inspirational 2018 Super-Manifesting wall calendar delivered free to your door

One investment to serve you the rest of your life.

Once you've lived this process for one full cycle, it will serve you for the rest of your life. It may even begin to feel very familiar to you. My wish is that you pass it on to all of your relations. For this is who we are meant to be... happy, healthy & wise, through a life of purpose, creativity and meaning.

Questions to ask yourself and if this course is for you:

  • Are you prepared to step fully into your life, and leave behind the things that have been holding you back, not allowing you to move forward, evolve or be happy?
  • Do you have passions and dreams that are waiting to be fulfill but you experience doubt and anxiousness thinking that life is too busy, disruptive, and that you'll never get there?
  • Do you still believe in magic and the beauty of life in spite of our modern-day challenges?
  • Are you able to enjoy your own company, quiet, and self-reflection?
  • Have you always known you were in this world for a reason and are willing to do the work to get it done?
  • Are you able to invest a couple of hours per month over 10-months, to both live and learn this powerful, result-creating process that will lead you to a more brilliant and beautiful life?

2-3 hours per month is a small commitment to your Self, your Wellbeing, your Purpose.

First LIVE Webinar Call with Madeleine Marentette commences September 21st, 2017 at 12pm EST.

You will be sent your link and phone number for the LIVE call on the morning of the 21st of September and it will come to you from (please check your junkmail if you do not see it in your inbox) contact@madeleinemarentette.com

All calls are recorded. Downloadable charts, action steps, worksheets and recordings are accessible to registrants anytime. It's never too late to begin or to catch up. 

Be joyfully guided by Madeleine Marentette, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and founder of Canada's Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, who has been leading thousands of others towards manifesting a better life for over twenty-five years. Learn her system that brings balance, order, understanding, ease and magic to the lives of those who are committed to live the life they dream of.

Are you ready to take your passion, intuition and visioning skills to the next level and become a Super-Manifestor?


Follow your Intuition

A Message from Me to You

I’ve probably been where you may be at right now, and everywhere in between. I know what it’s like to reflect on your life and realize that perhaps you are not quite where you expected to be. My experience has taught me that you can change all of that, and very quickly, with specific insights and a little guidance.

Living a life of joy takes a passion, dedication and a deep caring about your own life and purpose. If you put your intuition and your inner sight to what I am about to share, and follow my step-by-step guidance, you WILL begin to lead the life you envision for yourself and your family. 

Beauty, Joy, Wellbeing, Abundance, and Meaning Matters. Especially now. We are in the world to change the world. I hope you join me in what so many thousands of people I have taught over the years at my retreat centre has said - is truly a life-changing event.

What does YOUR Intuition say?


The workshops I attended along with a 1:1 session with Madeleine, catapulted the internal shifts that would lead me into a deeply fulfilling personal pursuit of authenticity, beauty, spirituality and daily practices of joy. My journey was a return to self-love and I am forever grateful.
Michelle Pena, BA, Coach @ TrulyMe
Madeleine is a true visionary in the way she brings ancient wisdom and the principals of nature into the realm of the contemporary. She is leading a movement of purposeful, conscious living.
Jennifer Johnson Executive
Thank you for the concrete and manageable ways to create a happier home and bring more joy into our homes. I’ll be using your tips as I unpack and settle into my new space. I really appreciate your wisdom and insight.
Jennifer Chase Digital Project Manager


Welcome & How to Prepare

  • Get ready to embark on the most exciting and fulfilling year of your life.
  • Community Etiquette & Policy
  • Receive your bonus gift, Madeleine's 2018 Super-Manifest Calendar
  • Your Core Values, Choices & Conscious Continuity

the Circle


  • September 21st Call - The Big Picture Agenda
  • Webinar Recording- The Circle
  • The Trinity of Manifestation
  • Four Seasons of Manifestation
  • What is Your View of Life? Contemplation Journal Exercise

the Grateful


  • October 19, 12pm EST Call - Golden Keys of Conscious Continuity
  • The Grateful - video short
  • Webinar Recording - View of Life
  • Contemplative Journal Exercise: Further Questions on Your View of Life
  • Contemplative Journal Exercise: How has the Law of Attraction Manifested so far in Your Life
  • Daily Walking Meditation Practice - Building Conscious Continuity

the Accountant


  • November 16 Call 11am - Precision Truth
  • The Accountant - video short
  • Webinar Recording- The Accountant
  • 12 Baskets of Manifestation - PDF

the Visionary


  • December 21st Call - 11am - the Visionary
  • The Visionary - video short
  • Webinar Recording- The Visionary

the Planner


  • January 9th, 11am EST Webinar - Co-Creating and Tapping in to 'The Flow'
  • January - the Planner - one minute video intro
  • Worksheet Exercise for Planning your Visions and Goals
  • Happy Home Happy Life! - The Art of Conscious Living
  • The Planner Webinar Recording

the Preparer


  • February 8, 11am EST Call - the Preparer
  • Webinar Recording- The Preparer

the Planter


  • March 8th, 10am EST - Launching Your Visions! - Final Webinar Call
  • The Planter- Webinar Recording

the Guardian

  • April - Tend Your Garden

the Connector

  • May - The Fullness of Your Purpose

the Celebrator

  • June - The Harvest

the Wayfarer

  • July - Adventures to Cultivate More Possibilities

the Restful

  • August - The Power of Rest

the Harvester

  • September - Full Circle Manifestation

About Your Instructor

Madeleine Marentette

Madeleine Marentette

Author & Founder of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing

A Little About Me ~ I am a CEO, writer, educator, designer and single mom.  I am a spiritual entrepreneur. In 1993 I founded what has become Canada's leading wellness retreat centre called Grail Springs, located near Bancroft, Ontario. Together with a team of 40+ dedicated staff, we serve well over a thousand guests each year who seek balance or restoration in their life.

I have through necessity, learned how to manage a demanding life of service, while keeping a balance between personal and public life, while still being able to pursue my other passions such as travel and animal advocacy. No life is perfect, however, I have tipped the odds in my favour, and found many keys that open the doors to a happy and continuously fulfilling life, (with less stress and more joy). It took some time to figure out, but once I had some life experience, and engaged my own intuition, everything changed. 

While dealing with the same challenges that most people experience in life, I began to uncovered an ancient but natural wisdom that revealed itself to me. This, as I sought to understand the human-soul relationship, and engaged in what has become our uncommon relationship with the greatest teacher who remains at our beck-and-call - Nature.

This understanding has brought order, wisdom, healing, and so much MAGIC into my life. Yes magic. This wisdom, though innate, has been lost over time and it has become my mission to share this knowledge, allowing it to re-emerge in a modern-day Renaissance for spiritual entrepreneurs and self-seekers. And to help the world manifest more beauty, love, and abundance for all. Because it Matters.



Founder & CEO Grail Springs Retreat

Bestselling Author

Inspirational Speaker


Thought Leader

Event Producer

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FREE! Gorgeous 2018 Super-Manifesting Calendar

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Register before Midnight September 21st and receive this beautiful calendar as my gift. An inspiring month-by-month guide on how to consciously create a beautiful and brilliant life. With monthly prompts to keep you on the path of your conscious journey and useful information curated for the seasons. You will love. Also available to purchase and gift to friends and family.

Special Offer on Madeleine's Bestselling Book

Grail Springs Holistic Detox for Body, Mind & Spirit

$24.95 (retail) order with course for $14.95
A Canadian Bestseller, this inspirational story about Madeleine's personal healing journey towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Includes wellness tips, antidotes, meditations, and recipes from the Grail Springs kitchen. A great reference book!

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